Summer prep 101: How to enjoy smooth legs and soft feet all season long (no razors involved!)

Short on hemlines and short on time? We hear you. Forget summer flings and look to long-lasting hair-removal options and ways to stretch out the lifetime of your pedicure. Before you invest in a few key pieces for your summer wardrobe, invest in some at-home beauty preparation. And by saving yourself from expensive tips to the spa, you can afford to buy those new sandals!

While the temptation to reach for the razor is strong, with rushed shave jobs come cuts, shaving rashes and ingrown hairs. And for some, dark hairs appear as teeny dots even right after shaving. And it’s a high-maintenance affair. Hair removal creams and waxing will give longer lasting results.

Smooth Operator

Instead of daily shaving, try a hair removal cream to remove hair from beneath the skin’s surface in just minutes. The results last twice as long as shaving* and when hair does grow back, it is not as stubbly. New Veet Silk & Fresh Technology is a moisturizing formula with a refreshing scent that keeps your skin gloriously hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Power up your shower

For those ultimate multi-taskers (you know who you are: you’re reading this while ordering your latte), try an in-shower hair removal cream. Smooth it on one minute before hopping in the shower, then by the time you rinse the shampoo from your tresses, done. A quick wipe with the soft exfoliation sponge for smooth, hair-free and gloriously moisturized legs.

Looking for an even longer commitment?

Waxing delivers up to 28 days of hair-free bliss**. But before you roll your eyes at the prospect of booking a pricey spa appointment, trust: cold-wax strips are a cinch to use and they are really effective. All you need to do is warm them up between your hands, apply the strip and wax off! Veet Natural Inspirations, with aloe vera and natural pine tree resin, is simple to use and gentle on sensitive skin.

Easy on the hot stuff

While a steaming hot shower feels like heaven, it’s hell on winter-parched dry skin. Keep the water temperature warm, not hot, and gentle exfoliate skin using a loofah or scrub with a light touch. While your skin is still damp, smooth on an oil or lotion to seal in moisture.

Best foot forward

Smooth gams? Check! Sandal-ready feet? We got you covered. Even if you think you need to call in the professionals, new at-home options can save time and money, while delivering spa-worthy results. The Amopé PediPerfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File features a special rollerhead that sloughs away dead skin with a dual speed system (choose fast for thick, calloused skin). The convenience factor is huge: You don’t need batteries to power it, since it’s rechargeable and there’s no cord to contend with. Use the waterproof tool on wet skin in the shower and bath, or on dry skin.

A polished approach

Once feet are suitably smooth, trim nails and treat them to a buff for a shiny, natural look. If you’re opting for a pop of colour, prepare nails with a base coat before applying polish. Even if your sunny deck is beckoning you, apply polish in a cool, dry place. If you attempt your pedicure in the sunshine, the heat can ruin your hard work. To avoid smudging, leave toes free to dry for as long as possible. Top up your pedicure with a new top coat every few days to preserve your polish and reach for the cuticle oil when things start to look dry.


*Independent Clinical Research Study, 2015
**Study by BIOPHYDERM, 2007, 30 women


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