Time for a trim? 7 of the season’s best waxing, shaving and hair removal products

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Ready to bare some summer skin or is a little excess hair making you hesitate? If you’ve been using winter layers as an excuse to stop shaving or waxing, it’s officially time to get back into the habit. Whether it’s your underarms, legs or bikini zone that needs some attention, we have you covered: we’ve rounded up seven of the best new hair removal innovations for the summer. So read on and start shaving! After all, once the humidity hits, you don’t want your hairy legs preventing you from staying stylish and cool in a pretty summer dress, right?

First up, one of our favourite razors out there is the Gilette Venus & Olay 5-blade. Thanks to its built-in moisture bars, super-efficient and lazy girls alike can appreciate the time saved from skipping the step of applying shaving cream. This season it comes in a whole new colour and fragrance—with even more moisturizing goodness. The Venus & Olay Sugarberry Razor ($12, at drugstores) is a fruity-floral mix (think wild strawberry meets roses) and will keep your skin super hydrated all summer long.

Schick’s Intuition razor is also a fan favourite for hydration-while-you-shave. The brand’s newest Pure Nourishment formula ($12, at drugstores) offers all the benefits of shave gel and moisturizer thanks to the inclusion of creamy coconut milk and almond oil.

If you’re still shaving the traditional way but want to upgrade your shaving cream, look no further than Eos Moisturizing Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream ($5, well.ca). Its non-foaming formula applies like a lotion making your shaving experience as slippery smooth as possible while the pump dispenser means you can use just one hand to apply it.

But perhaps you’ve said goodbye to the razor and are all about waxing your legs this summer? If that’s the case, then Nair’s new Brazilian Spa Clay Wax Strips for Legs and Body with Perfect Temp technology ($15, at drugstores) is worth trying. The strips can be warmed by hand but there’s a nifty Nair logo that fades away once they reach the right temperature. While it may not be painless, it will certainly be easy.

Also in the “easy” category is Veet’s new Underarm Hair Removal Kit ($9, at drugstores) which gives you smooth, hairless skin that lasts twice as long as shaving. This hair removal cream dissolves the hair at the root, meaning your armpits will no longer suffer an embarrassing five o’clock shadow. If you’ve never tried depilatory creams before, your underarms are a good place to test it out.

Finally, summer hair removal isn’t complete without mention of what to do with your bikini area. While we advise seeing a professional for all bikini—or Brazilian—waxing needs, it’s now easier than ever to keep everything trimmed between trips to the spa. Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle ($12, at drugstores) is a battery-operated trimmer that has four different settings for hair length and style, meaning you can totally customize your bikini area to your liking. Meanwhile, Bic has added a trimmer attachment to their popular Soleil razors so you can touch up your bikini area once you’re done shaving your legs. The Bic Soleil Shave and Trim ($10, at drugstores) is a great grab-and-go option for keeping everything looking go even when you’re in the tiniest bathing suit.

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