How to transform into your 11 favourite Snapchat filters using makeup

If you’re into YouTube makeup tutorials (and who isn’t?), chances are you’ve probably heard of Lex of Madeyewlook (@creativeboss on Instagram). She’s a 22-year-old licensed esthetician, self-taught makeup artist and body painter whose insane skills have helped her get millions of followers online. (Check out our personal fave look of hers here.)

So when we stumbled across a video of Lex recreating 7 popular Snapchat filters with paint and makeup, we had to share. Watch the video above and get ready to be seriously impressed. Who needs filters when you’ve got talent like this?

Then of course there’s Mayra Isabel’s epic tutorial below.

Into the recent strawberry filter? Right this way…

The lips-as-eyes filter definitely creeped everyone out, but when it’s done with makeup, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing.

The pop art filter seems like one of the most difficult to recreate, and YouTuber Ava Cassandra totally slayed.

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