Why You Need a Sleep Mask in Your Skincare Routine

And how they're different from moisturizers.


Sleep masks are one of the many skincare innovations to emerge from South Korea. No one does skincare better than K-beauty, thanks to the emphasis on dewy, flawless skin that always steals the show. Other brands have recognized the efficacy of sleep masks and have since developed their own formulas, so you can find them in a huge variety for different skin types and concerns.

Sleep masks are especially important to add into your skincare routine in the winter, so that your skin is ultra-moisturized when you wake up. Their formulas are long-lasting and intensely hydrating, but still comfortable enough to sleep with them on. They’re created to deeply moisturize your skin, much more so than a regular moisturizer. You can also find sleep masks that target concerns like brightening and anti-aging.

They easily absorb while you sleep so you don’t have to wash them off in the morning, and can wake up with rejuvenated skin. It’s a quick and easy step to add into your nightly skincare routine and one from which you’ll definitely see results, especially in the harsh winter.

These sleep masks will give your skin the extra moisture it needs and keep it hydrated and supple, even in the Canadian winter.