Why you need to stop overlooking skinny mascaras

In the world of mascara, everyone seems to be way more consumed with achieving the fullest, fattest, most OTT lashes possible. Wands continue to grow bigger, spikier, bushier, promising the ultimate, the extreme, the most anemia-defying fringe that will fake out everyone into not believing they’re real.

But there’s something to be said for going in the other direction. I’ve always kind of liked it when mascara is purposely left out as part of a look at runway shows because it looks too “commercial” or is deemed “not modern.” And no one can possibly argue that mascara rejecters like Phoebe Philo, Gucci Westman or Daria Werbowy aren’t arbiters of cool you want to emulate. But knowing that not everyone will want to go commando, I present to thee skinny mascaras. An underappreciated category, these wands are smaller in scope and size, allowing you to reach every lash no matter how tiny. The result is super defined, never clumpy (which yes, can look cool in its own right) and are especially useful if you like doing the bottom row.

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