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8 Skincare Resolutions to Make This Year

January is always seen as the time to hit the re-set button on life. “This is the year I get real about exercising.” “No more Netflix, I’m going to read BOOKS!” “Enough of Uber Eats, I’m going to cook and bring my leftovers for lunch.” But in the midst of these well-intentioned but ultimately difficult-to-maintain resolutions, we’re here to suggest some achievable goals for your skin. Some are the obvious things that you may already be doing and others are ways to up your routine to the next level. To help, we chatted with expert Ellis Holevas, Director of Eduction for AlumierMD, who gave us her advice on the best skincare resolutions to stick to in the year ahead.

Commit to Finding a Sunscreen You Love 

If you’re going to make just one resolution, Holevas thinks this should be it. “Find a sunscreen you absolutely love,” she says. “One that you’ll wear every day, 365 days a year.” To put it simply, when you love your sunscreen, you’ll be more inclined to wear it. That’s why she recommends taking the time to try out a bunch of different options. You’ve got dry skin? Pick up a hydrating version. If you’re oily, wear a mattifying one. There are also plenty of tinted options for a little extra coverage.

Remove Your Makeup As Soon As You Get Home 

After dinner, dishes and a half-asleep Netflix binge, the last thing you want to do is then go wash your face. So don’t put it off until you’re comatose. “One of the things that I will tell a patient is to change their routine,”Holevas says. “Come in the door and take your makeup off straight away so that you don’t have to worry about it later on.”

Cleanse Every Night (Even When You’re Not Wearing Makeup)

Even if you’ve gone through the day bare-faced, you should still make time to cleanse before bed because washing your face is not just about removing makeup. It’s also the pollution you encounter during the day. The particle size is “actually very small and it can enter your pores, increasing your oil and your chance of pigmentation and irritations in the skin.”

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate 

When we invest in skincare, the best way to ensure we’re getting the most out of our–sometimes pricey–products is exfoliating consistently. Holevas likes chemical versions in serum form to physical scrubs as they’re quick and easy. “You let it absorb and move onto your next product,” she says. “So it really doesn’t take any time out of your life.”

Use an Eye Cream at Least Once a Day

Eye cream can be a hot topic of debate in the beauty community. Do we really need it or does a general face cream work just fine?  “I’m a huge fan,” says Holevas. “It’s the first area that starts to show signs of aging and it’s the most fragile part, so use an eye cream every day, twice a day.”

Use Hyaluronic Acid for Extra Hydration 

Even if we up our water intake as a resolution, your skin is the last organ to receive it.  So reach for hyaluronic acid instead. “It will help your skin hold water and reduce that trans-epidermal water loss,” Holevas says. “Think of hyaluronic acid like a magnetic sponge, it attracts moisture and holds it.”

Incorporate a Good Ascorbic Acid Into Your Routine 

Invest in a really good Vitamin C serum, meaning a true ascorbic acid that is fresh and in its most bioavailable form. She uses AlumierMD’s EverActive C&E Serum as an example. “It’s incredible because it’s an antioxidant, it stimulates collagen, brightens skin and it has anti-inflammatory properties,” she says. “That’s taking your skin to the next level, for sure.”

Keep Your Cell Phone Clean 

Scientists at the University of Arizona discovered that cell phones carry about ten times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Now think of how often you touch your phone and subsequently touch your face. Pretty gross, right? Holevas says that if you have any congestion on the skin, avoiding contact is super important. Clean your phone, wash your hands and break-up with breakouts this year.

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