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Why Does Selena Gomez Eat Lipstick in Her “Fetish” Music Video?

Selena Gomez dropped the highly anticipated music video for her latest single, “Fetish,” on Wednesday, and naturally, it’s sparking a big discussion on the Internet, particularly when it comes to the meaning behind it.

The sensual, eerie vid, which was directed by Canadian artist and photographer Petra Collins, shows the 25-year-old songstress putting random objects in her mouth while walking and writhing around an abandoned home and a walk-in freezer. Interestingly enough, three of the objects are everyday beauty products that we use on the regular (albeit, in totally different ways): a tube of hot pink lipstick, a bar of soap and an eyelash curler. The first two were eaten by Gomez, while the eyelash curler was used on her tongue.

FETISH VIDEO. OUT NOW. @petrafcollins @laflare1017

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selena gomez fetish
selena gomez fetish video

No word on the brands for any of these products, though we have a feeling the lipstick may be Marc Jacobs Beauty, based on makeup artist Hung Vanngo’s breakdown of the beauty look for the vid.

Of course, there is speculation on the meaning behind the (beauty) madness, with many fans believing the video (and song) has to do with dangerous and obsessive behaviours and addictions, specifically pica, an eating disorder which involves compulsively eating items with no nutritional value. And tbh, this theory makes sense — the former Disney channel star is no stranger to shedding light on mental health issues, sharing her struggle with anxiety and depression due to her lupus diagnosis.

Either way, it certainly makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression.

Watch the full video below.

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