Sebastian Shaper hairspray celebrates with a big party (and even bigger hair)

To fete the 25th anniversary of it’s Shaper hairspray, Sebastian Professional threw a party for stylists and clients on the back lot of Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. We may have been partying on the West Coast, but we were surrounded by a New York-style set. (Imagine Synecdoche, New York meets Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” video—eerily still buildings with people dancing in the streets.)

Aguilera would’ve blended right into this crowd. There was some major hair on display by the guests: fake blonde strands so healthy that I imagine the owner going in for daily keratin treatments, and men with locks so artfully dishevelled that I picture them getting ready in a room walled with mirrors in order to be sure each wisp is perfectly placed.

Guests roamed the lot, imbibing and checking out installations and artists, such as illustrator and comic book artist Food One, at work. There was a reality TV–style confessional booth, and, most popular of all, a photo station where guests posed for pics that were then imposed onto a Fortress of Solitude-like landscape made of Shaper hairspray cans.

Stylists were set up around the party doing models’ hair—spraying, teasing, spraying, teasing. Then the show began. First a live performance of what I think was “Figaro,” then on to the hair models!

I have always wondered what the life of a hair model is like. How does their hair survive all the heat and back-combing? The styles perched atop these models were pretty amazing–some reflected the gnarled trees that were placed around the party, while others looked like hip hop dancers in 17th-century Versailles. Sebastian artist Janine Jarman took to the stage further fluff the models’ locks and one of FASHION’s favourite jewellery designers Pamela Love, who is currently starring in the brand’s ads as a Sebastian Visionary, also made an appearance.

As the models took their last struts down the stage, the crowd let go of hundreds of white balloons. More drinks were procured and The Sounds performed a full set– just what the crowd needed to get back to the music-video feel and with all the fabulously shaped hair, “Can’t Hold Us Down” described more than the location.

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