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St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Inspo Courtesy of Rihanna (The Only Celeb Who Wears Green IRL)

When you think about makeup shades that are difficult to pull off, there are a few obvious ones that come to mind. Red on eyes, orange on lips, blue…anywhere. But when you think about it, all three of those have been making gradual comebacks. Even blue eyeshadow’s deep-seated, scary ’80s past is slowly being erased from our collective subconscious, thanks to, like, every runway show since Spring 2016.

But then there’s green. My theory is that our innate fear of putting green on our faces is due to a combination of holidays (between St. Paddy’s and Christmas, the shade’s theme party reputation exists for a reason) and less-than-flattering idioms (“green with envy” and “green in the face” are not good looks, you guys). And thus greenophobia was born.

But in the spirit of conquering fears, with just a touch of nostalgia, we propose you go the college route and paint your face green before heading out the door tonight. #FBF! To inspire you, we’ve rounded up ten photos of the only celebrity on this (green!) earth to regularly wear the shade, by choice, in the real world: Rihanna.

Browse the gallery below for a compilation of red carpet moments featuring your fave in green makeup.

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