The ponytails at Prada Fall 2015 were slicked back, bedazzled & far from ordinary

A photo posted by Guido Palau (@guidopalau) on

As far as runway beauty looks go, ponytails can be crazy boring, and a buzzkill for beauty editors; whenever we show up backstage to find hairstylists pulling strands back into a swishy tail, it’s over to makeup and nails we march, hoping for a Hail Mary pass.

But so far this season, the ponytails haven’t made us want to take a nap. Some have been downright cool, including the one that hairstylist Guido Palau crafted at Prada Fall 2015.

Since nary a bobby pin was used, Palau relied on a yet-to-hit-shelves gel/mousse hybrid, and hairspray to lock it all into place. Hair was pulled up high, secured, swiveled to the side and then topped off with a glittery bauble. We love an accessory that you don’t have to turn around to see.

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