Photography via Instagram.com/bobbo_young

12 Questions We Have About The Pom-Pom Nails Trend

A few years ago, fashion editor Caroline Issa collaborated with L.K. Bennett on a collection of shoes adorned with brightly coloured pom-poms. These dainty balls of fluff, once reserved for arts and crafts time, soon trickled onto anything and everything, from clutch bags to off-the-shoulder tops worthy of a Coachella #OOTD. And then the Fendi “Karlito” keychain happened, which resulted in the popularity of the pom-pom bag charm.

Fast forward to 2016, and we’re seeing the crafty material employed in new—and bizarre—ways. According to the interwebz, pom-pom nails are the trend du jour. Yes, you read that right. To clarify, pom-pom nails are exactly what they sound like: colourful balls of fluff, whether dense or shaggy, adhered onto the nail bed. According to sources, the nail art trend originated in South Korea. Strange? Yes. Cute? Totally. Wearable? Hmmmm… We’re skeptical about whether this trend is actually practical, so without further ado, click on the gallery below for 12 questions we have about the new pom-pom nail art trend.