Now trending: 12 perfect pink perfumes that will have you smelling like everyone’s favourite spring hue

Marc Jacobs Pink Honey

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On Wednesdays we wear pink… you just can’t always see it. Warmer weather brings with it a sense of hazy nostalgia and longing for simpler, sweeter times, and that goes for scents as well. We’re putting down the bold, androgynous fragrances that we’ve been infatuated with, and are taking a look at some of the pretty perfumes that always manage to leave us feeling as carefree as ever.

With the exception of the satin jacket uniform that belonged to the Pink Ladies of Grease, pink (especially light pink) has never really been considered a cool-girl staple. However, thanks to the reemergence of the ’90s that’s infiltrated the fashion and beauty world for the past few seasons, baby pink is back in a new way and this time, it’s badder than ever. While the pretty shade once belonged to the likes of teenaged Britney and Christina, these days it’s being accepted by the cool kids, including the original bad gal herself, RiRi.

This week, we’re celebrating the recent launch of Marc Jacobs’ limited edition Pink Honey ($80,, which is a fruitier, even-more-feminine take on last year’s Honey ($85, With top notes of mandarin, fruit punch and pear, heart notes of peach and orange blossom, and vanilla and honey base notes, Pink Honey is exactly what summer should smell like: sweetness.

If you’ve already been drinking the pink Kool-Aid this summer, finish off your look with a spritz of a blush-toned fragrance. If you’re like me and rarely leave the house without a leather jacket, chunky accessories, men’s cologne, and a touch of angst, summer is a great time to experiment with lighter palettes, barely-there accessories and of course, pretty scents. From YSL’s Kate Moss-fronted Parisienne (a truly mysterious blend of blackberry and sandalwood), to Viktor & Rolf’s cult classic Flowerbomb (a bold mix of orchid, rose and patchouli), a feminine pink bottle has a way of drawing us in and leaving us seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses.

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