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Five Perfume TikTokers Worth Following

These #PerfumeTok creators are here to help make fragrance more accessible.

Ah, TikTok. If there’s one place you should go to find out about what’s popular in beauty these days, it’s the bite-sized videos on the addictive social media platform. The app has profoundly changed the beauty game thanks to its never-ending streams of beauty tips, tricks, hacks, viral challenges and recommendations from professionals and enthusiasts alike. One niche sector of beauty TikTok we’re completely obsessed with lately is “PerfumeTok”, a community of creators who are busting open the often complex world of fragrance through sharing candid reviews, tried-and-true favourites, popular dupes and loads more. Below, discover five PerfumeTok influencers to keep up with.


Photography via INSTAGRAM/@Funmimonet

A nose based in Dallas, Tex., Fumi Monet went from talking about perfumes on TikTok two years ago to making her own signature fragrance, Exalté, a warm floral scent. Her fragrance content includes reviews, instructional videos on how to layer, which luxury perfumes she loves and which under-$100 options are the best ones to try.


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Fragrance expert Travaulya Wallace posts from her place of work—Nordstrom’s flagship in NYC—breaking down which designer and niche perfumes you should buy. Check out her “duets” with her followers (she rates their fragrance collections) and Black-owned fragrance-brand videos.


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Luna is a U.K.-based TikToker with a polished aesthetic and a great vocabulary for fragrance. (She even creates floral arrangements inspired by her favourite fragrances.) On her page, she encourages her followers to expand their pool by trying niche options and praises the less-talked-about benefits of scent: its ability to activate memories, promote mindfulness and act as a mood lifter.


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Ever walk into a Shoppers Drug Mart and get a scent recommendation from a super-knowledgeable staffer? Maybe you’ve met Emma, the Canadian perfume lover and university student who often posts videos from the perfume aisle of Shoppers (where she works). On her TikTok, she shares recommendations about different fragrance families, as well as unboxing videos.


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In 2021, Emelia O’Toole put her nose to work, trying over 700 perfumes for her Instagram and TikTok. She even has a PDF in her Linktree, dubbed the “Scent Anthology,” that contains every perfume in her collection and her reviews of them. She offers up full brand reviews and lists of top picks. (She calls them her “Dean’s List.”)

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