Photography via Instagram/@butterlondon

Look Alive With 15 Coral Beauty Products Inspired by Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year

It’s a little ironic that Pantone named 2019’s colour of the year Living Coral. We’ve got scientists practically blue in the face, on the verge of shooting flare guns, trying to warn us about climate change, ocean pollution and dying reefs. Meanwhile as we look forward to the future, Living Coral is what we’re being told is in the forecast. All we can say is that we hope the name kickstarts a surge in ocean conservation and reef-safe sunscreen efforts next year.

Still, this is the hopeful, energetic shade we desperately need after a long, depressing 2018, especially on our face and nails. From peachy blush to bright papaya polish, coral is one of the easier ‘colour of the years’ to get behind.

Below, we pulled together some Living Coral-inspired products. Among them is a collab between Pantone and Butter London, who created an exact nail polish replica of the official shade. Then there’s Chantecaille, who donates a portion of its proceeds from their blush to the Marine Conservation Biology Institute in support of actual coral reefs, which may not be around for much longer.





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