8 overnight beauty products that work from head to toe while you sleep

Overnight beauty products
Photography by Peter Stigter

We could all stand to punch in some more hours when it comes to beauty sleep. From hours spent staring at your phone screen, to nights out spent with friends, a helping hand in the form of overnight beauty products are in order. The sad truth is that those late nights and early mornings can inflict serious skin concerns. While we sleep, our cells begin to go into overdrive trying to repair the damage our hair, skin and nails incurred that day.

So in order to optimize their impressive work ethic, your regimen will need an upgrade from your everyday daytime tools. The real heroes on our vanities are the nighttime products that do the deep repairing while we rest. The difference between your daytime and nighttime products is that the latter pack a serious punch. They are much more dense than their counterparts and their ingredients are more concentrated. There’s no harm in letting a product do the heavy lifting for you, so start working on a regimen that targets your needs, all while you’re snoozing.

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