Oh, honey! Do eyelashes like Katy Perry does with her latest collection of falsies

If there’s any celeb who’s known for va-va-voluminous eyelashes, it’s Katy Perry. Her airbrushed-to-perfection style has become such a signature that it’s almost strange when she appears on red carpets with modest makeup on. As such, it only makes sense for Perry to launch her own set of false eyelashes so the rest of us can emulate her doe-eyed look with ease. Available as of today on eBeauty, Perry’s collaboration with U.K. brand Eylure includes four all-natural sets of lashes ranging from subtle to show-stopper—with names that are just as adorable as Perry herself. (Is the “Oh, Honey!” set perhaps a nod to her character on How I Met Your Mother?) Best of all, the lashes are priced at a super affordable $8 and come with foolproof instructions that not only teach application tricks, they also detail how to store your set for repeat use.

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