Nicki Minaj’s new perfume has a mini pink wig and will smell “like angels playing”

Image via Twitter/NickiMinaj

While celebrities have always used Twitter as a way of reaching their fans directly, tweeting major announcements and exclusive sneak peeks are becoming more and more commonplace. (Case in point: Lady Gaga.) This morning Nicki Minaj tweeted the first picture of her forthcoming fragrance Pink Friday, and, as predicted, the fans went wild. The bottle may have something to do with it, though: modeled after Minaj it’s very Jem and the Holograms with a candy pink bob and gold vanity chain.

As for the fragrance itself, Minaj describes the scent as “like angels playing.” While we have no idea what notes would make up such a mix, we’re sure it’s bound to be less dark than Lady Gaga’s forthcoming perfume, which apparently smells like “the black soul of fame.” However, we’ll have to wait until September for both to be sure.