5 New Beauty Books You Need On Your Coffee Table

As a longtime lover of fashion magazines (I was once suspended in sixth grade for always reading Allure and Harper’s Bazaar during science class instead of following the far less glamorous lessons), I can attest to the joys of diving head-first into a thick, glossy mag. But it’s nice to throw a little story time in the mix; beauty books are just as wonderful to devour, and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so (although not while interfering with my education this time around). Here are my top five makeup, skincare and beauty books you need on your coffee table this year.

The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All by Alli Webb
Sephora is every beauty junkie’s idea of heaven, and Drybar is every Sephora-girl-in-the-know’s favourite collection of hair products. It’s easy to see why. Founded in California a mere six years ago, this wildly successful blowdry bar expanded throughout the continent, and now sell their well-known and well-loved namesake products to well-groomed customers everywhere. Giving us the gift of recreating a fabulous blowout at home, founder Alli Webb penned and published her top tips that we can collectively agree help us look and feel our best.
($27, amazon.ca)

Eat Beautiful: Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out by Wendy Rowe
Seriously star-powered beauties, from Cara Delevingne to Christy Turlington, trust and (and partially owe!) their gorgeous glow to renowned and mega-talented makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Spilling her secrets and letting us mere mortals know how to achieve a flawless complexion, Rowe wrote her rulebook for all to see. With a focus on literally feeding your skin to create a beautiful, clear and glowing canvas, you’ll enjoy delicious recipes and stunning skin in equal measure.
($21, amazon.com)

Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster Blake
There are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of “the perfect shade of red lipstick” out there. And to be honest, they may all be true to their namesake, and really are the perfect hue of crimson — but for who? Former beauty director of both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, Foster Blake has earned her title as a bonafide beauty expert. Breaking down the best beauty tips for each particular skin tone, occasion, age, and inclination, there is no secret this book leaves unrevealed. And yes, for the record, I seriously benefitted from her section on winged eyeliner. I finally get it!
($33, gotoskincare.com)

The Paris Bath and Beauty Book by Chrissy Callahan
Les François sont le plus chic, non? Oui! With French cuisine and style as mainstay staples in our ever-curious and never-satiated inspiration for a more fabulous life, Chrissy Callahan finally took the liberty to share with us the sophisticated “art of self-care” of the fastidious faces of the French. Brimming with DIY homemade bath and beauty recipes along with a healthy dose of makeup, skincare and even fashion tips that are all French-girl approved, you’ll be Paris-ready in no time.
($24, amazon.ca)

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes
Cult-classic beauty products (and beyond) aren’t just born that way, although many skyrocket to fame and adoration (and a mile-long wait-list) almost immediately after their release. But just because a particular product or shade has created nothing less that a frenzy, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great fit for you, or even great at all. Enter Pretty Iconic — pulling back the curtain on the beauty industry’s biggest hits, Hughes reveals which products are all hype, and which ones actually deliver (and does so with honesty, humour and bravado. No, M.A.C’s bestselling lipstick doesn’t actually look good on your skin tone.) With the ever-evolving industry and never-ending list of new products introduced, Hughes helps us understand some of the world’s most iconic products and their history, and choose which ones best suit and complement us as individuals.
($32, chapters.indigo.ca)