Nail Corner: All 5 vibrant Thakoon for Nars nail polish colours in one manicure!

Sometimes the colours in a nail polish collection are so perfect together that it’s hard to pick just one to use in a manicure. (A #firstworldproblem that’s also common when shopping for clothes—it’s much more satisfying to buy the whole look, not one standalone item!) While each shade from the upcoming Thakoon for Nars nail collaboration (available May 1) stands out on its own, together they encapsulate the vibrancy of Thakoon’s Spring 2012 collection. They also share a source of inspiration: Indian spice markets influenced the highly saturated colours, which range from cyan blue to orchid purple. As for Nail Corner’s inspiration, this design was all about bringing Thakoon’s cowboy-meets-Bollywood prints to life.

Read on and see our Thakoon manicure! »