Speed dating with models: Soo Joo and Suki on Netflix, Paris Fashion Week + more

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Models. They’re just like us. We hear that a lot, but it obviously isn’t true. For one, they’re genetically #blessed. But also, they are tight with designers like Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld, have Oscar-winning actors for boyfriends, and pop culture icons for parents. So, no, they are not like us. Still, it doesn’t stop us from being interested in their lives. At the very least we can steal their secrets, right? That was our plan earlier this week when we chatted with Soo Joo Park, Suki Waterhouse, Amber Le Bon, and Lea T. in Paris, in between shows. It was like speed dating, but with really pretty people.

We made the most of the short period of time we had with them, and asked the Redken spokesmodels about everything from how they deal with insane travel schedules (jet lag pills are a thing) and their favourite emojis (double taps to the speak-no-evil monkey), to what they’re binge-watching right now (Netflix is a model’s best friend) and their most recent beauty purchases. Because does anyone ever get tired of hearing what models do when they’re off duty? Not us.

Suki Waterhouse

What’s one beauty trick that you’ve picked up through your career?
Someone taught me that everyone has one bigger eye, and I definitely have that—it comes out in pictures. So you can make [the bigger eye] look a little bit smaller, [and the smaller eye a bit bigger] by using eyeliner.

Is there anything you’re binge watching right now?
The Bridge. It’s a Swedish thing.

What emoji do you use the most?
The poo one.

What’s the last beauty product that you bought?
I’m about to buy Serge Lutens mascara, cause I’m wearing it today and it’s fucking great.

What’s the most annoying question you’ve ever been asked in an interview?
Usually just “How do you describe your style?” I don’t like that kind of stuff.

What beauty products do you swear by?
Healgel and Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform.

What are some of your favourite spots to visit in Paris?
I just love walking, wherever I am I’ll just go for long walks. I feel like the shopping here is the best in the world. All I want to do is browse. And, I need to go to Colette. I’m gonna buy a Miu Miu coat or something.

Do you have a jet lag strategy?
Jet lag pills. They’re really good. You take one as much as you’re awake every hour, it really helps.

What beauty products do you like to travel with?
I take Dayle Breault’s glycolic wipes. They tighten up your face, they’re really good.

What models do you like to follow on social media?
I was just stalking Tamy Glauser. She just walked for Louis Vuitton. She’s like very cool looking and androgynous.

If you could be compared to a model from a previous era, who would it be?
Marianne Faithfull—she’s not a model but and I don’t feel like I am either.  

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Soo Joo Park

What beauty products do you swear by?
All [of] the Redken Extreme line. And Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer. I use it before shoots and stuff because it protects your hair up to 450 degrees and as you can see my hair’s quite fragile cause I’ve been bleaching it for three and a half years. As far as cosmetics, I really like Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer from L’Oreal. You can get really beautiful highlights if you put it right on the top of your cheeks and on your nose. And then Korean beauty products. I always [stock up] whenever I go to Seoul. And they always have a very clear trend. Right now it’s dewy skin.

What’s one beauty trick you’ve picked up over your career?
A good one is if you wanna do a perfect red lip, taking a selfie and checking. Charlotte Willer, the makeup artist, she uses it and she’s super fast. She’ll do a red lip and then she’ll take a couple pictures from different angles to make sure that it’s perfect.

What are you binge-watching?
I’m obsessed with Broad City. It’s my favourite show. Also, I finished watching White Hot American Summer on Netflix, which was great. For the more serious dramas, I like Halt and Catch Fire. It’s the new one on after Mad Men. It’s so good and the music producer is a guy who [used to be in] Tangerine Dream and so the music selection is on point.

What are your most frequently used emojis?
I use a lot of the sparkly ones. And the monkey. I’m always running late too so I’m always like “Sorry!” I use the cry face a lot as well. ‘Cause fashion is very dramatic.

What’s the most annoying interview question you get?
Describe your style in 3 words. Was that your next question? [laughs]

What’s on your playlist right now?
This is another question that’s really hard for me because I really like all kinds of music. Lately like, I’ve been listening to opera, like Puccinelli, Aida, Turandot. Like Turandot is amazing. But I’m always listening to like, Ariana Grande, Ricky Hil, The Weekend, Drake. I also listen to old rock n’ roll, like The Stones or Velvet Underground, David Bowie. I’m really all over the place. I’m also obsessed with post-punk.

What’s your off-duty uniform?
Cashmere. Right now, whatever I can afford I’m putting into cashmere and luxury textiles because it’s best when you’re super comfortable and cozy. Good cashmere, good silk, good linen.

What do you do on a lazy Sunday?
I don’t get out of bed until like 12 and then I’ll take a long shower or bath. I’ll take care of my hair and then I’ll sit around and try to eat, like cook something from whatever is in my fridge or order delivery. And then watch Netflix.

Who do you follow on Instagram?
I’m really into @IdeaBooksLTD. Vogue Magazine, Michael Angels (the stylist).

Any plans for the holidays?
For New Year’s I’m gonna try to go to Dubai cause my friend Moe is gonna host a big holiday bash. Initially I was thinking of just going to Florida and renting a boat. [Florida is] weird. It’s really cheesy. I usually go to Miami but my boyfriend’s from Florida so I’ve been to Tampa and that was like “What the fuck?” I really enjoy the trashiness. I mean, have you seen the Twitter [account] @_FloridaMan? All the fucking crazy shit is from Florida.

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Lea T

What beauty products do you swear by? Creams, oils. A lot of essential oils. Redken hair masks. I put it in my hair and leave it in for 20 minutes.

What’s a beauty trick you’ve picked up throughout your career?
Drink [a lot of] water. I’m vegetarian and I try [not to eat] sugar. Today, actually, I got four croissants, which wasn’t a good idea. But when I’m home I rarely eat sugar. I do acroyoga. I like to take care of my body because you need to have a [good] body to survive in this world. I do aromatherapy, too.

What does that involve? Oils, like Ylang Ylang, lavender, tea tree oil. I [also] like to use roses and geraniums. [They’re] good for femininity. You can put [oils] in your shampoo, on your skin, on your pillow before you go to sleep. [These are] all processes of healing.

What’s the most annoying interview question you’ve been asked? I’m really tolerant with questions because the moment I accept the interview, I need to be [totally] open. Like when they ask about my sex change. “How old? Does it look good?” Intimate questions. I answer. I don’t have a problem [with answering] because I don’t want to be touched [by that] energy. [If you] come here with [bad] energy, I’ll make it flow away from me. If I stopped and answered with the same energy, [it’d be a cycle]. I used to be really angry but it got old. This is part of my job. I don’t want to be [a] top model or [the] most beautiful girl in the world. I don’t care for that. I don’t care to do 10 shows a day; that’s not the point. [I want to] do something more interesting, speak about something interesting and a little bit deeper. [I want other people to] realize, I spoke about my difference [so] you can speak about your difference. Everyone can speak about their own difference. Yes, we [all] want to look good. But look good [while] being you.

Amber Le Bon

What products do you use on an average day?
On an average day I use the Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use face creams anymore. I use Argan oil for my face that I have to ship from Canada. It’s amazing. It’s called Saadia Organics and it’s really good because it’s all compressed by hand. It changed my skin. Because I’ve got oil on my skin, I don’t use a heavy foundation, so I use Charlotte Tilbury’s retoucher stick [just] where I need it. I use some Max Factor mascara. The older the better. It’s gets less clumpy. If it’s a new one, I have to wipe off the excess mascara and you end up wasting half [of it].

What’s one music video in the past that you wish you were cast in?
Probably something from the ’90s. Like an Aqua music video or something fun likethat. Like Barbie Girl

What are your most frequently used emojis?
The monkey. I love that one. And then the little purple devil. Those are my two favourites.

What’s the most annoying interview question?
Everyone asks what advice my parents (Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Le Bon) gave me. It gets annoying after a while, [so] I start making stuff up. My agent’s with me so I better shut up.

What are you listening to right now?
I listen to a lot of folk music. Neil Young, all that. There’s a young band called The Staves, who are three sisters from England, which I really connect with because I’m one of three sisters and we all sing together in the kitchen. There’s something about family voices that go well together. [They’re] kind of sad, other people [say] it’s depressing but for me it’s haunting. I love haunting music. Something that makes me feel something.

What do you bring with you when you travel?
I always bring a book or my Kindle. If I’m going for a long holiday I bring my Kindle, otherwise I have to carry 10 books because I read very quickly. I always have [the] standard phone and phone charger. My lip balm. This thing saves my life, because I always forget to drink water and get the worst [dry] lips and they’re big so I can’t hide [them].

What do you do once fashion week is over?
I sleep. I read books. I hug my dogs, and just relax totally because my brain has to switch off. It takes a little while for my brain to be out of fashion mode and into like real life mode.

Who do you follow on Instagram?
Oh my god, I love @crazyjewishmom. It’s hysterical. @daddyissues_ and @betches are good. I’m obsessed with Frenchies and so I follow like 7 different Frenchie accounts and the best one is @lolabarksdale. It’s just this cute Frenchie. I’ve liked every single photo.

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