Photography courtesy of L'Oréal

Meet Source Essentielle, L’Oréal’s Professionnel’s First Vegan (and Refillable!) Haircare Line

You can find the professional line at salons across the country.

L’Oréal Professionnel’s Source Essentielle haircare line (three shampoos—for dry, normal and coloured hair—two oils, a balm and a detangler) checks off three boxes that consumers are increasingly searching for these days: its formulas are 80-100% natural, it’s 100% vegan and the shampoos are all refillable at the salons that carry it. “What a lot of people don’t know is that we do have a carbon neutral footprint here in Canada,  says Michelle Tasios, professional development manager at L’Oréal Professionnel of L’Oreal Canada. “And we are looking for ways to minimize that and be more effective. One of the ways we’re doing that is in our smart packaging.”

That’s the stackable, square-shaped bottles that the shampoo bottles come in. “They are extremely eco-friendly because we can actually stock more product into a box, which means less shipping, less packaging, less waste,” says Tasios. “Every one of the bottles is 100% made of recycled materials and the bottles themselves are 100% recyclable.”

Photography courtesy of L’Oréal

Beyond the naturally-derived formulas, a variety of botanicals (flower petals and leaves) are suspended within the bottles, infusing the product with scent from the plant’s essential oils as well as conditioning benefits. Eventually, the botanicals will fall to the bottom of the bottle and a maximum of three refills is recommended. “After that, the florals inside have been exposed to oxygen too many times for us to guarantee their quality,” Tasios explains.

Lastly, each product includes a detailed ingredient list that not only shows off its percentage of natural ingredients, but also the less-marketable remaining ingredients and why they’re necessary additions. According to the brand, the goal was to answer to the growing number of shoppers who scan labels before tossing a product into their shopping cart and, in the brand’s own words, “to help women consume even more responsibly.”

Photography courtesy of L’Oréal