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You Need to Follow Makeup Artist Stella Sironen on Instagram

Recognize the Instagram handle You probably do. Can’t place it, though? Think hard. Think back to a certain satirical post about a new eyebrow trend that made the internet go up in flames. Yup, thought that’d ring a bell.

Back in April, Stella Sironen, a makeup artist based in Helsinki, Finland, posted the above photo and joked that she was starting a new eyebrow trend: feathered brows. It didn’t go so well. Her comments section was littered with hate and, well, people who don’t know how to take a joke! In fact, a couple weeks later, Sironen posted the following to clarify:

“ok so obviously this has gotten out of hand and it’s hilarious and amazing but i wanted to clarify some stuff:
1. i joked about starting a trend in the caption of my first pic not about the actual makeup
2. drag queens have used glue on their brows since forever so please don’t credit me for that lol
3. i know that brows are a sacred part of the face but consider this: there is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup, why is experimenting with brows so strange?”

But forget all of that. We’d been following her on Instagram for long before the viral brows post and were happy to see the talented makeup artist get the attention she deserves. (All publicity is good publicity?) By the way, since April, her following has doubled and now sits at an impressive 82,000. Not too shabby, right?

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite examples of’s artistry. We know you’ll love her work as much as we do.

i paint too? mostly @cameleonfinland and @mehronmakeup body paints

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