M.A.C’s New Liptensity Lipsticks Are the Brand’s Most Pigmented, Innovative Releases Ever

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How many colours do you think the average person can see, approximately? If you guessed one million, you’re right! Which sounds insane, doesn’t it? One million different colours! However, a small number of people are #blessed enough to be able to see more than that, and Maureen Seaberg, a writer on sensory experience, is one of those people. Seaberg happens to be a tetrachromat, which means she has the genetic ability to see up to 100 million shades that the rest of us can’t see. One. Hundred. Million.

M.A.C. wanted to pick her brain (duh, don’t you?), so they collaborated with Seaberg on their latest line, Liptensity. The range will be a permanent addition to M.A.C’s 14 other textures and over 250 colours. WWD says, “The range, which comes in 24 shades, contains high-intensity chromatic pigment that yields more pigment than any of M.A.C’s existing lipsticks. It’s being billed as the most technologically advanced lip product to date.”

“It’s a tech story; it’s not a fun, frivolous collection were doing,” James Gager, senior vice president and group creative director of M.A.C., said. “It is super, super saturated, undeniable colour load in this lipstick.” So how exactly is it different from M.A.C’s already super-pigmented shades? According to Jennifer Balbier, senior vice president, global product development at MAC Cosmetics, “Liptensity contains pre-saturated pigment combined with a clear base — unlike most lipstick bases that are more opaque or “muddier” — to give a “true” colour. WWhen people say that the ‘colour stays true,’ it’s not always true because it acts with your own chemistry.” M.A.C worked with Seaberg to tweak the shades and remove any undertones that made colour look muddy. Cool, right?

Browse the gallery below to see the entire M.A.C Liptensity lipsticks line, and shop the collection online on September 20th and in stores on September 21st.