Lush takes retail therapy to the next level with a debut makeup collection that taps into your subconscious

Image courtesy of Lush
Image courtesy of LUSH

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If shopping is your mood booster of choice, listen up: Lush’s highly anticipated, two-years-in-the-making colour collection is taking retail therapy one step further. The forthcoming “Emotional Brilliance” makeup collection was created with a strategic behavioural therapist, resulting in a product line that’s named to reflect psychological needs.

The collection, which will boast 13 liquid lip colours, 11 liquid eyeliners and six cream eyeshadows (all priced at $23—way cheaper than most therapists’ going rate), is described as a way to “fulfill an emotional need at any give moment.”

To hone in on your emotional state and pick the right makeup colour, Lush has developed a game in conjunction with the line. Part The Price is Right and part psychoanalysis, you spin a wheel (available either in-store or online as of July 21) and pick the first three colours that you are drawn to. The order in which you pick the colours is the telling (and more mentally-taxing) part: the first one symbolizes a strength or weakness, the second represents your driving subconscious need and the third pick symbolizes what you require in order to achieve your subconscious need. For example, you might pick “Passionate” first, “Ambition” second and then “Focus” as your third. Get it?

While there may be some mix-ups along the way (matching a hot pink lippy, turquoise liner and pink shadow together, for example), we love the idea of playing colour therapist to our face.

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