Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster

If You Like The Feel Of An Oil But Don’t Want To Look Oily, Try This

I’ve always wondered why my skin turns from run-of-the-mill dry in the summer to flakey, itchy and painful in the winter months. Is it because my darker complexion is meant for a warmer, more tropical climate? Maybe I should be living in Arambol or Ko Pha-ngan. Year-round.

Alas, dryness affects all skin tones and, to quit the best country in the world just because of the climate would be madness. I could always bathe every night in some kind of oil, but that would require cleaning the tub after every use. Not happening. So since nightly soaks are not an option, I’ve found intervention is crucial. Body butters on the body and my recent discovery, Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster, revealed a few weeks ago at a wintry themed Dermalogica Chalet in Toronto, is going on the face.

“The Toronto weather is quite extreme for many residents,” says Charmaine Cooper, Dermalogica Canada education manager. “Let’s not forget about the concentration of pollution in the air, whether in the downtown core, or in the suburbs. This fluctuation in environments, plus a very busy, sometimes stressful lifestyle, can contribute to more vulnerabilities in the skin.”

Exacerbating things are micro climates like central heating at the office, or vehicle heaters that can take you from -20 to +15 inside a half hour. This is what she describes as “trauma” to the skin. “We lose moisture, and the ability to shield the skin,” says Cooper. “Redness, dehydration and irritation are common side effects experienced in the skin of the Toronto resident.”

I also like my lotions emollient and want to know I am applying a salve to my skin, and this one dissolves into the skin rather than sitting slick on the surface. “The composition of oils that are used in the formula are all natural lipids,” says Cooper. “Cranberry Seed Oil, Cotton Seed Oil and Borage Seed Oil will not clog the pores or sit on the skin, but rather absorb to the deeper layers to ensure adequate protection and comfort.”

One more thing I especially appreciate: it’s not a messy product. Delivery is remarkably neat. A little button at the bottom dispenses the perfect dollop of lotion that won’t leak or seep down the sides and leave a mess in your sink. Nightly bathroom cleanup averted.

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