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Kate Middleton’s Secret to Glowing Skin Involves Nutella

Or at least, that's what her beautician suggests.

Kate Middleton is giving us all the more reason to love Nutella.

According to the Duchess of Cambridge’s beautician, Deborah Mitchell, the chocolate-hazlenut spread is the secret to Catherine’s glowing skin (yes, you read that right).

During an appearance on ITV’s This Morning, Mitchell, who prepped the Duchess’ skin on the day of her royal wedding and for the BAFTAs last Sunday, said mixing Nutella with sugar and lip balm makes for a great at-home facial. No word on why or how that actually works. And while she didn’t explicitly state whether Kate spreads Nutella on her face, the beauty expert did say she “actually used this on some of [her] clients” adding that one client in particular had “really good skin.”


Nutella facials aren’t the only beauty hacks Mitchell recommends — she suggests wearing socks with mashed-up bananas and avocados in them (um, gross) to help cracked heels, and taking an oat bath for softer skin.

So if you want the glow of a royal, all you need is to look in your cupboard. Or, you know, you can go the bee venom route, too.

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