Our Favourite Ex-Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe on Big Hair and #RelationshipGoals

For devoted fans of The Bachelor franchise, last night was difficult—it marked the first Monday in 11 weeks that we were without two hours of over-produced, reality show bliss. Yes, Ben chose Lauren B., Jojo was declared the next Bachelorette, and all is right in the kingdom where Chris Harrison reigns supreme—but what about us, the loyal fans?! How are we expected to cope with the lack of weekly “journey” and “here for the right reasons” truisms? We feel you Bachelor Nation, and we’re here to help.

Once dubbed the “most controversial Bachelorette in history,” these days Kaitlyn Bristowe’s most provocative statements revolve around the likes of questionable hockey allegiances and a self-professed penchant for whiskey (go, girl!). Her love of voluminous hair has led to a partnership with TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System (where you condition before you shampoo), which she attended the launch of in Toronto last week. We scored some facetime with the Canadian-born babe to get the low-down on her obsession with big hair and backcombing (plus some could-they-be-any-cuter talk about fiancé Shawn Booth).

The conditioner first, shampoo second process—why do you think it works for you?

When you shampoo your hair, it feels so thick. Then you condition it and you’re like, “Oh.” When you put the conditioner on first, your hair still feels silky, while putting the shampoo on second lets you retain all that volume.

What other volumizing tips do you have?

I think everybody knows about dry shampoo these days. There are hair studies that say that you should wash it every other day. Some people are like, “Don’t wash it for 5 days!” but that’s not actually good advice. I started taking Viviscal, a hair supplement, because after the show, I lost some hair and I was kind of worried about it. I’m also a big fan of backcombing, even though I know it’s bad.

Everyone has a backcombing phase.

Phase? Mine’s been 15 years now.

Let’s talk hair mistakes—have you used clip-in extensions?

Oh yeah. I’ve done everything. I had clip-ins all throughout the show, then I did bonded. [My fiancé] Shawn was begging me, “Please, let your natural hair be.” I was like, “It’s not big enough!” Guys don’t want extensions. They want to feel real, natural hair. It was funny because ever since I took them out, he loves my hair. Even just having them out for a few months now, my hair feels so much better.

What was it about Shawn that attracted you to him right away?

Right off the bat, he was a gentleman. He respected that both Brit [Nilsson] and I were there the first night. He said, “Group hug!” and had a sense of humour about it. But when he came up to me I saw in his eyes, manners, and body language that he was there for me. Throughout the whole process of getting to know him, I was like, “There’s no way he can have that big of a heart and be that good of a guy and be that good looking!” I was trying to convince myself that he was the guy with a girlfriend at home. I was waiting for it and it kept not happening. When I met his family, his sister was like, “I know I’m his sister, but he really is that good.” His one relationship before us was for 6 or 7 years. He’s a very loyal person. I was like, “This is crazy. I’m lockin’ him up!

You and Shawn are both very active on social media. Do you have any ground rules with things that are off limits to post? Do you ever check and see what he likes?

In the social media world, I feel like I’m really good and I won’t go snoop. I trust him more than anybody I’ve trusted in my life and I don’t put myself in a situation [where I’m going] to overthink anything. I don’t question him. We do the right amount of posts on social media. I feel like I’ve got it figured out when it comes to that.

Some people can’t help the snooping.

We call it “shopping for pain”.

How would you describe your personal style?

I always say I’m edgy. Even if I want to dress up, I’ll still find a way to make it edgy. I’ll throw on hardcore lipstick or gunmetal jewelry.

You were very glam on the show.

So glam! I didn’t even know how glam until I was on the show. Apparently, I love sparkles! I thought I would hate wearing dresses but I loved it. I love Converse but I also love heels.

Do you have someone whose style you admire?

I love @SincerelyJules on Instagram. She’s very casual, but she can dress it up. When I look at her feed, I want all her clothes. I buy things from her website.

Any relationship advice?

You have to be transparent with the person. I always say that you need to make someone love you for who you are. Honesty is key.

Thoughts on how you’ll wear your hair on your wedding day?

I do picture big, wavy, long hair.

Is it true that everyone has bigger hair in Nashville [where you and Shawn both live now]?

Yeah. They’re all religious out there. They say, “the bigger the hair, the closer to God.” They really say that!