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Brow blunders can really distract me. I once chased after a fellow editor with a brow pencil because hers were too sparse and too short and I could not continue our conversation until the issue was amended. I’ve also stood, slack-jawed in horror as a subway pulled away, staring at a woman inside with the most cartoonish, pencil thin, curved lines serving as brows.

So I’ll be directing anyone in need of rehab straight to the newly-opened Benefit Brow Bar at Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W., 416-922-2333; benefitcosmetics.com), one of only two in Canada. The second is at the Ottawa location of the new Shoppers Drug Mart beauty emporium Murale (110 Place d’Orleans Dr., 613-841-4166) and a third is set to open in Montreal next month. Since no two brows are alike—“they’re sisters, not twins,” says Hilary Price, vice president of Brow Bars—each is customized after measuring where it should start and end, as well as where the arch should be (brow arching, $23). With a combination of waxing, plucking and meticulous trimming, poor excuses for brows are transformed. Then they’re enhanced with pencil, wax or whatever finishers they need and set free into the world, so people who truly appreciate great arches can admire them.

Like me.

Shown: Benefit’s Hilary Price shows off her brow handiwork at the Toronto Brow Bar location. Photography by George Pimentel

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