Jordan’s fitness challenge: Week two

Our assistant fashion editor, Jordan Porter, is on a one-month fitness frenzy at Get Spun. Check back every Friday for updates!

Monday: Gravity round two today and I have a new instructor who toughens up the workout by adjusting my incline even higher, forcing me to lift a greater percentage of my body weight. This function adds another checkmark to my “Why I love Gravity” column. The machine lets me continually challenge myself, and it’s good motivation for dialing down the body weight, although mathematically I’m not sure this makes any difference, but I’m not a math whiz by any means and hey, whatever works!

Tuesday: The dreaded Fighting Fit class has weaseled its way back into my schedule and I am not impressed. OK, I admit it gives me the most intense combo of cardio and muscle work, and there is an amazing sense of euphoria once it’s complete–although I’m not sure if this is a good body rush, or more of the “get me to the hospital” variety. But come on, burpees? Really? Nevertheless, I suck it up and in the end I can’t deny that the fat burning and tush toning potential, all in just 45 minutes, is off the charts, and so I concede and sign up for week three.

Wednesday: The day after Fighting Fit and surprisingly, my muscle soreness is not as debilitating as last week. Sure I can feel the burn, but I can walk and that is a vast improvement. Today’s spin class has left me drenched from head to chest to forearms to shins to toes, and Christie Ness, Get Spun’s fabulously fit owner (who we all strive to look like in our workout gear), has the lovely job of taking my week two measurements…pre-shower. She’s a trooper, and clearly dedicated to taking care of her clients.

Thursday: Gravity is tough today. My somewhat painless walk to and from work had had me fooled into thinking my legs had recovered. My quads are on FIRE 10 minutes into the class but no pain no gain so I’m pushing through.

Friday: Hallelujah, Friday! My mind and my muscles thank you! The last workout of the week is a midday spin class that really focuses on mixing up your heart rate levels, ensuring your body gets the best possible workout in the allotted 45 minutes. I leave the class feeling lighter than air, energized, and deserving of a weekend sans sweating.

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