A zoomed in image of an eye with bright yellow eye makeup
Photography by Riley Stewart, Fuze Reps

6 Invigorating Skincare Launches To Help With Your January Blues

Need a little pick-me-up?

Beauty product launches usually follow a certain seasonal pattern: nourishing balms and creams made with ultra-relaxing scents (think: lavender or jasmine) in the winter; bright, citrusy fragrances (lemon, orange or grapefruit) in the summer. This year, beauty brands have thankfully — and accurately — predicted our collective need for some bright, invigorating skincare products in the winter.

Besides, this isn’t a case of just any ol’ winter blues. The days are dark and gloomy, the nights are cold, and the year was…well, you know. So why should we have to wait six months for our beloved bright and sunny scents? Thankfully, we don’t. Whether you’re a fan of crisp citrus scents or bright florals, you’ll want to keep these just-launched, refreshing skincare products next to your bed, on your desk and in your shower all winter long. (May we also recommend you read up on some super-easy ways to upgrade your wellness routine this year?)

If your January blues are feeling extra-blue this year, browse some of the just-launched skincare products that might just be able to brighten your days a little bit while you await the sweet relief of springtime.

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