Introducing Mimi Choi, the Instagram Makeup Artist Who Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve been in awe of makeup artists’ work on Instagram before. But not like this. Not. Like. This. If you haven’t heard of Mimi Cho, prepare to be seriously blown away. With almost 15k followers, Choi’s work has been attracting a ton of attention lately, because her artistry is insane.

After doing some digging, we found out that she’s based in Vancouver and is part of the Chanel demo team, and creates her Instagram makeup looks on her off hours. Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite creations by Mimi Choi.

Like having multiple emojis on your face.

How’s that for an ombré lip?

This one is a combo of real and painted-on flowers!

tbh, don’t stare at this one for too long.

A bit more minimal…

…and then not at all.

How to get longer lashes without falsies. Finally.

If you’re really into that Snapchat filter.

Choi called this one “The Butterfly Effect.”

Endless Halloween inspo.

And finally, just some really, really pretty makeup to gawk at.