In the flesh: Kim Kardashian on her fragrance and why her hair always looks so good

Beauty intern Rema Gouyez Benallal with Kim Kardashian, photography by George Pimentel

“How would you like to have lunch with Kim Kardashian?” asks beauty editor Lesa Hannah.

It’s only a few days into my internship and I’ve already been presented with the chance to meet my celeb body crush.

Before Kim came along, I worshipped at the altar of J.Lo, so, as you can tell, the big-butt-flat-tum combo is what I dream of—I’m a serial lunger.

She’s in town to promote her new fragrance but, truth be told, I’m more interested in seeing her in the flesh. When she finally enters the room at One Restaurant at the Hazelton, I see that, yes, she’s hot.

Dressed in a tight Elise Øverland dress and stunning LAMB by Gwen Stefani heels, I have to admit her butt looks even better in real life—easily rivalling J.Lo’s.

Her makeup is traditional Kim K style: nude lips, sun-kissed bronze cheeks and a sultry but softer version of her traditional smoky eye.

I’m also in love with her long, dark, healthy-looking hair, but have to wonder whether it’s really all hers. To my surprise, she admits to not being able to do her hair herself. “I never style my hair, if it’s in a ponytail you know I’ve done it,” she says.

I can no longer ignore the obvious; I have to ask how she stays looking so good. She swears by the pills that she and her sister endorse (QuickTrim, a diet system that supposedly helps you lose weight) and also emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise. I mentally block the entire cheesecake I consumed last week.

And the scent? Much to my surprise, it’s actually quite lovely, and very similar to the original Michael Kors. The floral blend consists of tuberose, jasmine and gardenia, notes that Kardashian says remind her of her family members.

“I wanted a sexy and feminine scent that’s still fresh, light and floral. I didn’t want it to smell like candy,” she explains. It’s a project that has been in the works for two years, and she is proud to publicize the fact that she was involved in the entire process. “I think the fragrance really appeals to different women. My mom and my sisters love it, so anyone of any age can wear it.”

Kim Kardashian fragrance and signature tote is available for $65 online at