Ilia Launches a Vitamin C-Packed Tinted SPF Serum + More Beauty News

Plus, new releases from Milk Makeup, Rare Beauty and more.

Ilia C-Beyond Triple Serum SPF is here


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If you’ve tried Ilia’s original Super Serum Skin Tint, you’ll understand why the brand’s latest launch is so exciting. Not only does the SPF-laced tinted serum offer an exceptional dewy finish, but it does a great job of shielding the skin from sun damage, too. Now, the Ilia C-Beyond Triple Serum SPF combines SPF 40 with two per cent niacinamide and 10 per cent vitamin C to double down on the skincare benefits. While this trio usually doesn’t play well together, each of the ingredients are encapsulated in a waterless base to keep them stable, meaning you’ll get the freshest, most potent application every time.

Wildcraft gets into haircare

Indigenous-owned beauty brand Wildcraft just launched a dreamy new eucalyptus- and mint-scented shampoo and conditioner duo, formulated with loads of plant extracts to cleanse, soften and strengthen strands without the use of harsh ingredients. The shampoo is infused with ingredients like quinoa protein, yucca root and green tea extract to care for the scalp, while the conditioner includes shine-boosting chamomile and calendula to deeply hydrate ends.

Milk Makeup drops a hydrating lip oil


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If there’s one makeup item we can never have enough of, it’s a great lip product. And if it makes your lips shine like glass? Even better. Milk Makeup’s Odyssey Hydrating Non-Sticky Lip Oil Gloss delivers all the juicy goodness of a great lip gloss, with the added benefits of a hydrating oil. There are eight high-shine shades, including Globetrot, a sky blue shimmer, and Voyage, a deep purple berry. Did we mention the formula is vanilla- and bergamot-scented and includes actual crushed gemstones for extra glimmer? Chic.

Rare Beauty’s new brow gel is lamination in a bottle

Selena Gomez’s brows might have stirred up a controversial frenzy a few months back, but let’s leave that drama in the past, shall we? These days, her brow game is trending for an entirely different reason — she just launched the eyebrow product of our dreams. Enter Rare Beauty’s Brow Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel, a clear gel that can shape hairs effortlessly with zero stickiness. No flaking, caking or clumping here. It’s the look of laminated brows, minus the stiffness.

Lip Lab now offers custom lip gloss services


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Haven’t found a lip gloss that calls your name? Consider taking matters into your own hands and creating your own custom gloss at Lip Lab. The process is easy and so much fun. First, create your unique shade with an expert by mixing your favourite tones. Then, choose your finish (clear or shimmer) and add a flavour (fruity, floral or fresh). Finally, you get to name your shade and engrave it on the case. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your friends and make it an occasion.

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