I heart Juicy

By Stephanie Trendocher

I remember begging for a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit for Christmas when I was in my first year of college (oh, the shame). Let’s just say the label has stepped it up a notch since then.

The ever-expanding fashion empire now carries everything from footwear to fragrances, and hasn’t stopped there. Their latest addition, Juicy Loves Sephora (from $54, sephora.com), is a whimsical collection of limited-edition cosmetics, canvas totes and carrying cases adorned with Juicy’s iconic prints. I love the sparkly Pavé Lip Gloss Heart Ring (shown), and at $68 at least you get both a pretty pout and some bling for your buck. The manicure set and wristlets will make great gifts for your girlfriends, so be sure to stock up soon as Juicy devotees will quickly scoop it all up.

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