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How to wear bright eyeshadow: 15 celebrities who rock every colour of the rainbow

Lips may be seen as the go-to when it comes to statement beauty looks, but some of our favourite celebrities prove that that’s not always the case by demonstrating exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow. Every so often, A-list stars dabble in the art of statement eyes on the red carpet by experimenting with bright eyeshadow, and obviously, it makes us beauty junkies positively giddy. But mastering the statement eye is no easy feat, especially when it comes down to zeroing in on what colour works for your individual skin tone. But before you pass on this celebrity beauty trend, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best statement eyes to show you exactly how to wear bright eyeshadow the right way. From Elle Fanning’s striking yellow eyeliner to Olivia Wilde’s flirty purple eyeshadow, we present you the best statement eyes out there in every colour of the rainbow!

Cooler tones like blues and greens are easier to play with when it comes to decorating your eyes, especially when Emma Stone and Bella Thorne make it look oh-so-easy. But with red eyeshadow being last season’s top beauty trend, it was no surprise to see a few of the celebrities debut it on the red carpet. While Rihanna used the fiery shade to accent her black graphically lined eyes, Kristen Stewart channeled her inner punk and worked the red all around to complete her fiery outfit, which naturally suited her edgy persona. Orange is Spring 2014’s hot colour for lips, but we’ve seen the shade look amazing on eyes as well. If you’re ready to rock this non-conventional colour, then Scarlett Johannson and Marion Cotillard are the two celebs you need to look at for your inspiration.

Are you feeling particularly adventurous and a tad playful? Then you might be smitten with Lupita Nyong’o’s 2014 SAG Awards beauty look. Her blue and purple ombre eyes are truly magical. But if you’ve got an itch for something more extreme, January Jones’ blue and yellow liner combo will definitely do the trick.

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