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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde (Yup, It’s Here Again)

Let me guess: you’re having a bad day. Maybe you’ve run out of sunscreen, or you spilled coffee down your white shirt dress, or suddenly every piece of technology you own is turning against you. How did I know? Because it’s happening to everyone. Across the globe, millions of people are falling to their knees, shaking their fists at the sky. Yep: Mercury is officially in retrograde.

Doubtless you’ve heard someone exclaim, “Oh, Mercury must be in retrograde!” so many times a year that it’s lost all meaning. It actually only happens three times a year for about three weeks, but during those three weeks Mercury (known for its reputation as a mischievous trickster) wreaks havoc on matters of business, travel and communication. It’s advisable to avoid traveling, completing business plans or signing contracts, or attempting to make any big changes in your life while Mercury is in retrograde, since there’s a good chance your attempts will backfire disastrously. But if you’ve already made travel plans, the only thing you can do is be prepared for anything and everything Mercury might throw your way.

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you have to admit that it couldn’t hurt to take this opportunity to be a little more organized and prepared. Whether Mercury is in retrograde or not, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs. Here’s all the things you need to make it out of the next few weeks alive.