How to style wet hair in the laziest (yet chicest) ways possible

how to style wet hair
Photography by Peter Stigter

Maybe you snoozed your hair drying minutes away, or maybe you’re just not willing to add unnecessary heat to your already-stuffy, AC-less apartment. Whatever the reason, sometimes drying your mane doesn’t work into your daily routine. And instead of giving you a lecture on leaving the house with wet hair (call mom for that) we’ll just applaud you for washing that greasy mop of yours in the first place (cue hand-clapping emoji).

But regardless, you probably feel the need to put a little effort into your beauty routine to look the required business-casual part at the office. So leaving home with dripping-wet strands probably won’t work with the whole sophisticated front you strive for.

Well, don’t go inconveniencing yourself with your hair dryer just yet. We’ve gathered five tips to help you turn your fresh-out-of-water locks into a cool and polished ‘do.

Click through the slideshow for the best products to use and best hairstyles to try to make your hair so chic, your coworkers will think you woke up extra early to work on your look.