How to freshen your breath when there’s no toothbrush in sight

how to freshen breath
how to freshen breath

The anxiety we feel when we’re out of the house all day and forget to pack lip balm, apply deodorant or turn off our curling irons sucks. But being out all day with nothing to freshen our breath is unbearable. With the others, you can pretty much make do (as long as you don’t lick your lips too much, sweat too much, or you know, burn your apartment down). But when it comes to having potentially bad breath, you’re either forced to resort to the silent treatment or adopt a new reputation as the one with the gingivitis problem.

Ideally, you’d be sure to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your handbag at all times for a mid-day brush up—but that’s not exactly the most convenient option. You may think you’re safe to eat what you want when you have your trusty tin of mints on hand, but the freshness typically wears off soon after they’ve dissolved in your mouth.

But there are other solutions. From breath gel to clean eating, flip through for five ways to freshen your breath when there’s no toothbrush in sight. So, the next time you find yourself being asked on an impromptu Cinq à sept date, or naively indulge in a well-stuffed burrito for lunch, you won’t have to worry about scaring anyone off with your stinky breath. But that curling iron you left on? Now that’s another story.

how to freshen breath

Use breath gel

A surefire way to feel confident about your breath when it’s been a while since your last brushing is with a product you probably never knew existed. It’s called breath gel, and it’s designed for on-the-go use to fight odours and leave your mouth feeling fresh. Try IntelliWHiTE IntelliFRESH Breath Gel which comes in a travel-ready size so you can take it just about anywhere. As for how to use it? Just squeeze a touch on your tongue and with the scrubber brush, clean into the folds in the mouth where food collects and bad breath begins.

IntelliWhite IntelliFresh Breath Gel ($10,

how to freshen breath

Get well

You may think that avoiding onion, garlic, caffeine, and other obvious breath-stinking foods are to be avoided, when in reality all fatty foods should be avoided in order to prevent bad breath. The reason is that they create and break down a by-product of fat that ferments in your stomach with its odour creeping up the esophagus and sticking to your tongue. Healthy carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables will help to balance out the fats and help you attain better breath. Furthermore, dehydration can also be a cause of bad breath, so be sure to stay hydrated. Or, kill two birds with one stone and opt for a green juice instead.

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how to freshen breath

Go for sugarless gum and mints

Sugarless gum and mints that contains xylitol (which is an antibacterial) are the key to ridding yourself of foul breath. The sugar-free part is important so you’re not feeding the bacteria that’s in your mouth and is the cause of your bad breath. Try Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum with Calprox which helps prevent cavities and bacteria, removes surface stains, and freshens breath.

Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum ($5,

how to freshen breath

Chew on parsley or mint leaves

Out for lunch and forgot to pack a post-meal mint? Consider this your excuse to order a happy hour drink—as long as it’s boasts mint or parsley for the garnish. Both herbs are great (not to mention, natural!) ways to fight bacteria and freshen your breath. So start chewing.

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how to freshen breath

Floss is now

One of the best ways to ensure your mouth is free of bacteria is my getting rid of all food remnants—enter flossing. Don’t save the unappealing task for your next trip to the dentist because it’s actually crucial for attaining fresh breath, whether you have a toothbrush on hand or not.

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