How to fix 5 of your most frequent makeup mistakes

how to fix makeup mistakes
how to fix makeup mistakes

Whether it’s because you only got a few hours of sleep or just because you’re really not paying attention, beauty blunders happen — and they happen frequently. It’s the foundation you’re suddenly too pale for, the lipstick you blindly applied to dry lips and the mascara that smeared around your eyes à la A Clockwork Orange when you sneezed after application.

And because we’re in a mad rush getting ready 99% of the time, chances are when such makeup mistakes happen, you don’t have time to wash off your whole face and start with a blank canvas. What you need are fail proof solutions for high-speed damage control.

Ahead, we have five quick fixes for all your most common, most irritating makeup mishaps that will ensure you looking just right without eating away at your precious morning minutes. We suggest keeping these helpful tidbits on standby — you’ll most definitely be needing them soon.

how to fix makeup mistakes sponge

Problem: You used the wrong foundation shade

We’ll do almost anything to not undergo the embarrassing shade-match process at Sephora, but sometimes our plan doesn’t work out so well. Case and point: The foundation you discreetly matched perfectly to your hand doesn’t match your face. Stuck with a colour that’s too dark? Sheer it out by mixing it with a little moisturizer. Apply it with a sponge to ensure it blends into your skin well, and spread the colour down onto your neck to ensure a seamless application.

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Problem: You smeared mascara all over your face

Maybe you sneezed, maybe you slipped or maybe you watched a tearful Insta-vid immediately after applying mascara. Whatever the reason, mascara smudges too easily, and it’s super annoying. The easiest way to get rid of any marks is by adding a little makeup remover to a cotton swap and dabbing the mark away. Try The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, which removes makeup with gentle, conditioning, and non-irritating ingredients.

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Problem: You applied too much powder

We’re all for those glowing dewy complexions, but sometimes, we accidentally get a little dust-happy with our powder brush. Because looking dull and powdery is never what we’re after. When you overdo the powder, rely on a setting spray which can lift the chalkiness of powder and provide a refreshing glow instead.

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Problem: Your eyeshadow fell all over your face

You created the perfect smoky eye with your five-shadow palette only to discover the sparkling little particles have fallen over your entire face. Easily brush them away by lightly dusting a fan brush over your face with a touch of translucent powder.

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Problem: Your lipstick is looking flaky

In the wintertime, one of our daily chores becomes tending to our lips. And even though we make it a point to exfoliate them and apply only the richest lip balms on the reg, we’re still hit with a case of the dryness every now and then. The next time you apply your lipstick only to discover the return of flaky lips, conceal the dryness by applying a moisturizing lip balm on top. It may not heal the dryness, but it’ll prevent the flakiness from totally ruining your look. Go for Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment with will condition your pout while smoothing fine lines and preventing feathering.

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