How to fake fuller lips: 6 easy steps to a Kylie Jenner pout


17 is a great age; you’re about to graduate from high school, your parents let you borrow the car and most importantly, you walk around thinking you’re insanely, stupidly hot. Ah, to be a teen again. These days, as we mourn our youth, we can’t help but be inspired by one particular 17 year old, Kylie Jenner. Recently, her amped-up look has been the subject of plenty of attention, and for good reason: her makeup game is always on point.

While some believe her pillow-like lips are the result of going under the knife, we know better. This step-by-step guide will show you how easy it is to accentuate your lips with a nude shade, in six easy steps.

Products used: MAC Lip Pencil in Spice ($19,, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita ($30, and Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna ($43,

Step 1: Apply your desired lip liner (one that’s as close to your natural lip shade as possible) as a base to help create definition and lift. Slightly curve the pencil around your Cupid’s bow and trace outside the borders of your bottom lip to create the perception of a bigger, fuller pout.

Step 2: Once you’ve lined the outside of your lips, fill them in to create a long-lasting base that will help your lipstick last. You want to make sure the look is still natural by not applying liner too far outside your lips.

Step 3: Apply your favourite nude lipstick to both your top and bottom lip and make sure to apply an even amount of coverage. When in doubt just pucker up and plant one on a napkin to even it out.

Step 4: Make sure to always blend the lipstick and lip liner using an angled lip brush to create an even, one-tone look.

Step 5: Use a flat, thick lip brush to highlight your cupid’s bow with a little bronzer to create definition. By highlighting the cupid’s bow, you’re pushing the top lip’s edges forward.

Step 6: Apply bronzer underneath the bottom lip to trick the eye into thinking that the lip is naturally full.

Here’s the final look:

Model: Sadie Daryan. Makeup: Justine Veneracion.