Never screw up a smokey eye again thanks to Hard Candy’s new eyeshadow primer

Hard Candy eyeshadow primer smoky eye

For a look that claims to not place a lot of importance on perfection (especially in comparison to something like winged liner), a good smokey eye is pretty hard to do. You start off aiming for something subtle and by the time you’re done, there’s glittery shadow up to your brow bone and any hint of gradient colouring that may have been there at one point has totally vanished and been replaced with something that looks a lot like this.

Now thanks to Hard Candy‘s Eyes the Limit Eye Shadow Primer in “Smoke,” all the work is taken out of a smokey eye for you, so application from here on out is seriously foolproof. You could apply this in your sleep and not mess it up. Unlike a regular eyeshadow primer, this one comes in black and “allows you to build colour faster and helps you achieve an intense smokey eye look with minimal effort. It even brings out the hidden colour in duochrome eyeshadows.”

The primer comes out of the tube as a highly pigmented black cream and blends into an instantly dry, translucent grey base, turning any eyeshadow into a smokey eye. You can even use it on its own as an oil-absorbing eyeshadow. If those aren’t enough options for you, Hard Candy’s eyeshadow primer can be worn underneath any shade to intensify and deepen the colour, so it’ll work wonders for any products that aren’t quite as pigmented as you’d like.

Now that you’re armed with a foolproof smokey eye in a tube, you can create a look that would make J.Lo proud.

Hard Candy “Eyes the Limit” Eyeshadow Primer ($5,

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