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The Hair Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018

According to Toronto's top hair pros.

Every January, without fail, women around the world ask themselves a loaded question: “Should I get bangs?” The start of a new year is a time of change, new beginnings, renewal, and thus, hair changes.

We asked Toronto’s top colourists, cutters, and stylists for their predictions of the hair trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere this year.

Oh and yes, you should probably get bangs.

Matthew Collins

L’Oreal Pro International Artist and Co-Founder of The Good Ones Academy

1. Shaggy, cool girl fringe
There really are so many variations. The trend has been long and layer-less for so long, so a big change is amazing. Even if you love it for three weeks before “fringe regret” sets in, it’ll still be worth it.

2. Soft, effortless balayage
Moving away from high contrast and bold placements, this year it’s about lightly framing your face and adding the most natural, soft pieces to a beautiful brown base. We are still seeing some bold colour choices, but not nearly as bold as before. Colours are much more subtle and meant to last for short periods of time, with minimal commitment.

3. ’70s and ’90s influence
We’ve definitely moved completely away from contrived textures and are going back to textured that mimics natural wave patterns, whether they’re actually natural or not. It’s cool, “don’t give a fuck” hair. We’re also seeing updos come back but in much more subtle ways. It’s not glam; it’s just up in an interesting, not overdone way.

Jason Lee

Founder of Jason Lee Salon and Colorist + Stylist at Serge Normant at John Frieda Chelsea

1. Bangs
Bangs are the biggest trend for 2018 in terms of updating your look. Whether it’s a short, boyish bang or a micro-bang, the feel is about bringing a slightly retro approach to a modern-day cut.

2. French girl brunette
The colour of 2018 is brown with subtle golden or auburn accents. The idea here is to continue using a balayage technique to achieve a very natural finish.

3. Hair accessories
Add in a scrunchie, barrettes or a headband the way we saw all across the runways.

Luis Pacheco and Kelly Araujo

Founder of Medulla & Co. and Creator of TO112; Master Stylist at Medulla & Co. (respectively)

1. Fringe
We started to see the fringe trend popping up this past fall and it’s going to take off this year, from sweeping curtain fringe to cropped blunt bangs, we’re seeing a lot more people making the cut. -KA

2. Natural textures
It’s that wash-and-go style that is spruced up with a little texture spray to accentuate a natural movement and flaunt the natural three-dimensional texture for a care-free look. -KA

3. Bold, low maintenance colour
I’m leaning toward bolder, more dramatic colour in 2018. People have been emboldened by Instagram filters and want bigger and brighter colours. Colour doesn’t have to be subtle to look natural. It’s often about playing up what’s already there so it’s bold but still low maintenance. -LP

Anna Giannini

L’Oreal Professionnel Portfolio Artist

1. Blunt ends
Keep length above shoulder with a sharp blunt line, and bangs for that super modern ‘cool girl’ look.

2. Brushed back hair
This look can be worn wet or dry, using your fingers to rake your hair back off your face or combed back for a sleeker look.

3. Accessories
Scrunchies are making a comeback in a very cool way. Worn low on your ponytail with an air-dried wavy texture, or you can try a velvet ribbon, hair barrettes or pearls.

Sal Leonetti

Founder of Salvatore Leonetti Salon and Alterna Haircare Brand Ambassador

1. Texture
I think we’ll still see beach waves, but it’ll be a lot more tame, with more of a bend through the hair, rather than a strong wave. It’s fun, full of texture and is great for summer.

2. Blowouts
We’re going to see people wearing their hair blown-out again. People will want a more polished and finished look.

3. Long hair
Lobs are slowly growing out and I think women will embrace longer length for the better part of the year.