Glitter beards are a thing on Instagram now (’tis the season?)

Thought Instagram beauty trends reached their peak when makeup artists developed a brow-filling technique made specifically for the app? Nope (logical assumption, though). Now, two of the most Instagram-y things have joined forces: glitter and beards, to form—duh—#GlitterBeards. It’s exactly what it sounds like: dudes pouring glitter onto their facial hair. Glitter that they’ll likely never fully be able to get rid of.

If you’re down for this make-out sesh disaster waiting to happen, you can check out the tutorial vid below.

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up during the gloomiest time of the year (JK, that’s still a couple months away), #GlitterBeards will do the trick. Browse the gallery below to see our favourite, hairiest and shiniest examples of the trend.

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