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Introducing Gelcream, The Instagram Account That’s Redefining Beauty Blogging

It’s a weird time to be a beauty blogger. It’s an even weirder time to be a fan of beauty bloggers. With new regulations about sponsored posts, a constant stream of brand and blogger collaborations, and the OGs (like Michelle Phan) speaking out about the emotionally draining nature of the beast, it’s hard to navigate between what’s real and what isn’t, and figure out what you should buy into (and, well, buy).

Then there’s, of course, the fact that these days many of the big beauty blogger accounts look the same. How much or how little makeup one chooses to wear has become a real topic of discussion and division and as a result, we’ve started craving Instagram makeup artists who offer something, anything, different.

And that craving doesn’t just apply to bloggers who do makeup. Meet Yana Sheptovetskaya, the LA-based blogger behind @gelcream, the buzziest Instagram account in the beautysphere ATM. With just over 200 posts on her account (she posted her first one on May 20th, 2016), Sheptovetskaya has racked up almost 30,000 followers. But her premise her simple. Like, really simple. She takes photos holding a product in natural light and captions each one with a straightforward review and a rating out of five.

And right up at the top of the page, in her Instagram bio: “No ads.” That’s right, none of Gelcream’s posts are sponsored. And you can tell. Here’s an example of one of her reviews (this one’s of Milk Makeup’s Ubame Mascara):

“I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I like it for making my short lashes look longer but still natural. I like it for the pretty tube. The brush is bulky and it flakes a bit under the eye. It is not my every-day option but I keep it close. Have you tried it? What do you think? $24 for full size—3/5.”

Who knew something so simple could be so, so good? Below, a selection of some of our favourite Gelcream posts.