Fitness bonanza: Our assistant fashion ed hits the exercise buffet

I read somewhere that a woman’s mental age is often much younger than her chronological age, and that no matter how many years go by it’s very possible for women to think and feel like they are still teenagers. This
mindset is all well and good when I’m acting out the “Like a Prayer” video at a pyjama party with my girlfriends, but when the mounds of popcorn, peanut M&Ms and chewy candy get passed around, and I have more than my fair share (because what kid doesn’t?), my body is screaming for me to grow the hell up!

Well guess what? Those screams are getting louder and louder these days and it’s getting hard to ignore them. The time has come to take action, so when my local gym studio, Get Spun ( challenged me to a one month fitness frenzy, taking everything that they offer from spin classes, to pilates, to TRX suspension training
and beyond, I eagerly signed on the dotted line.

The time has now come and I’m shaking in my brand new Burberry boots, but I’ll be damned if I can’t rock this season’s super slim legging pants so stay tuned as I keep you up to date on my progress, week by painstaking week.

Check back every Friday for a new entry in assistant fashion editor Jordan Porter’s fitness diary.

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