The weird thing we learned about Cupid’s bows + 5 celebrities with perfect lip curves

cupid's bow

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Did you know that the more defined and prominent your Cupid’s bow (or tubercle, as it’s technically—and grossly—called), the better your sex life? It’s true! Okay, well it might be true. You may have heard of studies that claim 95% of women with a defined dip in their upper lip (pardon the rhyme) are able to reach orgasm through sex alone, while only 60% of women without a sharp Cupid’s bow can say the same. Fascinating stuff, right?

Sexy reasons aside, we’ve been obsessed with creating a perfectly pointy Cupid’s bow for as long as we can remember. There’s something about the look that’s sort of mesmerizing—like doe eyes for your mouth. Using lip liner in the shade of your choice to outline your dip (or faking one by drawing a curve and filling in the little triangle above with a concealer the same shade as your skin), just exaggerate your bow as much as you’d like, fill in the rest of your lips with that same lip liner, and finish off with a couple taps of the gift to mankind that is highlighter, right above your top lip.

And so, whether yours is defined or not, we present you with some Cupid’s bow inspiration shots below, courtesy of our favourite celebrities. Just because.

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