crown makeup trend
Photography via Instagram/swetlanapetuhova

This New Instagram Beauty Trend is Fit for a Queen


We have an interesting relationship Instagram beauty trends. Some (like crystal lips) are totally awe-inducing, while others (succulent nails???) have us thinking, “WTF?”

But there’s a new trend popping up on our feeds that’s having us say, “YAAAAS, QUEEN!” because, well, it literally involves channeling your inner royal.

Dubbed “crown makeup,” the trend sees Instagram MUAs and beauty gurus using eyeshadow to create tiny tiaras on their eyelids, and adorning them with jewels for extra regality. First made popular by German makeup artist, Swetlana Petuhova (@swetlanapetuhova), this technique is a beautiful, boss new way to do your eye makeup when you’re feeling “princess af.”

And crown makeup doesn’t just stop at your eyes  — some users are accenting their brows with the royal headdress.

Brings a whole new meaning to beauty queen, no?

Check out some more stunning crown makeup looks below:

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