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CoverGirl Makes History With Cruelty-Free Certification

This week CoverGirl became the largest makeup brand in history to become certified cruelty free, eliminating animal testing from 100% of their products. As consumers are becoming more vocal about questioning the standards of the brands they support, many companies have begun taking steps towards producing more ethical products. The brands that usually achieve this, however, tend to be small and young. The fact then that a company as large as CoverGirl has also managed to attain cruelty-free status is a pretty huge deal.

CoverGirl’s Leaping Bunny certification comes from Cruelty Free International and soon all of their products will be adorned with their prestigious seal. The certification is known for its challenging demands and Cruelty Free International has a long list of rigorous rules and requirements. Along with cutting out all animal testing, brands are also unable to purchase ingredients from second parties that test on animals.

In addition, they are the only globally-recognized program that conducts ongoing independent supply chain audits. Some certificates will award their stamps of approval and then disappear, but these audits ensure that standards continue to be met. In fact, CoverGirl will have to reapply for the Leaping Bunny status annually.

All in all, the certification is undeniably difficult to achieve and meeting the demands would prove a daunting task for any company, let alone one as massive as CoverGirl. That being said, Coty Consumer Beauty–CoverGirl’s parent company–seems excited about the challenge and has even formed an ongoing partnership with Cruelty Free International. “We know we are not alone in wanting a beauty industry that is free from animal cruelty and, working with Cruelty Free International, invite others to join us in turning these conversations into action.” said Ukonwa Ojo, Coty Consumer Beauty’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a press release.

These conversations also include discussions with Chinese authorities. China is one of the last few countries to enforce strict laws around animal testing and for beauty companies wishing to sell their products in the country, the testing is an absolute requirement. Up until recently, CoverGirl was conducting animal testing in China in order to continue selling in their market and many of Coty Consumer Beauty’s other brands still uphold this practice. However, on their website the company has stated that they’ve actually initiated a dialogue with the country hoping to “find alternatives to their current approach.”

With these ongoing conversations and a rousing call to action from CoverGirl, other players in the beauty industry won’t be able to sit out for much longer. As larger brands take a stand against animal testing, others will be forced to take note.

For Canada, CoverGirl’s decision comes at the perfect time. In Ottawa, the #BeCrueltyFree campaign has just kicked off, promoting S-214, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act. The bill is currently processing and the Humane Society is urging Canadians to get involved. To help ensure the bill passes you can text ENDCRUELTY to 70734 to get in touch with your local MP.







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