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A Real-Life Witch Just Released Colour-Changing “Mood Hair Dye

Who doesn’t love mood rings? Literally no one! Taking the concept one step further, however, is real-life witch Lauren Bowker, who’s come out with colour-changing “mood” hair dye. Bowker told Dazed that she’s “always been into the occults and into mixing stuff. Even as a kid I used to mix bath potions, and was really hands-on with the stuff I had around me, making new products out of them, without even knowing I was doing it.”

She revealed the game-changing hair dye on her Instagram account, @theunseenalchemist, and explained the science behind the product.

“When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different colour, so it’s like a chemical reaction,” says Bowker. “However, we also work with ones that change their structure, which gives you a light refraction instead, so it’s more like a prism colour change. On the outsider’s version of what the technology does, it changes its colour to temperatures. So we tuned those so that if you’re inside you get one colour and if you’re outside you get another colour. If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue. So what we did was look at data patterns of weathers and the environment in different countries and tailor the colour changes to correlate with those.”

Watch the insanely mesmerizing video below.

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