Summery, Sunscreen-y, Coconut-y Perfumes That’ll Transport You to the Beach

For those of us who aren't quite ready to smell like a pumpkin spice latte yet.

“It’s OK; September is always pretty warm, too!”

This phrase has been on the tip of my tongue, making a near-constant appearance lately, as August approaches its end. It’s my immediate, automatic response to any mention of summer being “almost over” (horrible) or crisp autumn days being “just around the corner” (cruel and unnecessary). No longer able to hide the sheer desperation in my voice, which reveals itself through hurried sentences and shaky optimism, I unconvincingly declare that we have plenty of warm days to look forward to.

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In case this proves to be untrue, there is still one other foolproof method to holding onto—and, dare I say it, even extending—the final moments of the season. Enter: coconut perfume. You know, the fragrances that smell like the best parts of summer: fresh coconut water, sunscreen at the pool, an overflowing piña colada dripping down your hand as you carry your drink back to your sandy beach towel.

These scents take us back to lazy days spent lounging on sunny shores, the hypnotizing sound of waves lulling us into a midday nap, and the feeling of warm sand beneath our toes. Perfectly summery, coconut-y perfumes are a delicate balance between sunscreen’s familiarity and the creamy sweetness of coconut, the crisp tang of salty sea air, and the subtle hints of warm, sun-drenched skin. For summer-lovers, there is will never be an olfactory experience quite as evocative as a day spent at the beach.

Prepare to drown out any claims of summer being “over” with a spritz or two of our favourite coconut-y, sunscreen-y, beachy fragrances, which you can shop below.

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit


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A blend of fig, pear, coconut and vanilla that is truly hard to resist, Ellis Brooklyn’s Sun Fruit is the quintessential summer fragrance. With a scent that’s inspired by “tan lines, ripe fruit, and bare skin” and a bottle that pays homage to “the bright colours of Southern Italy,” Sun Fruit is a must for evoking warm weather memories (or delusions).

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Kayali Utopia Vanilla Coco


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If the name doesn’t say it all, Utopia Vanilla Coco is an intoxicating blend of pear, jasmine, vanilla bourbon, coconut and sandalwood. It’s sand, surf and sun in a bottle.

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Juliette Has a Gun Lust For Sun


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A perfect ylang-ylang, vanilla and coconut perfume, Lust For Sun is a fresh, elevated sunscreen scent, with a bottle inspired by the hot sun.

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The 7 Virtues Coconut Sun

With notes of coconut water, frangipani, fresh citrus, crisp sea salt, and vanilla, Canadian brand The 7 Virtues’ Coconut Sun is the ultimate coconut perfume. It’s a summer vacation in spritz form.

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Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk

Described as “sun-kissed, salty skin,” Beach Walk is a unisex coconut perfume inspired by a stroll along the ocean. A blend of bergamot, ylang ylang, coconut milk and white musk, this scent is equal parts creamy and indulgent, and fresh and uplifting.

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